The 1st CLASSYS Beauty Scientific Meeting 2018 in Indonesia

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n December 6, 2018, CLASSYS Inc. hosted a Global User Meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia with over 90 doctors in attendance.
Fellow users and guests observed presentations and clinical case studies related to CLASSYS Inc. technologies. Dr. Larry Wu and Dr. Rassapoom Sumaetheiwit both conducted lectures related to the Ultraformer lll, and Dr. Felix Kusmana held a lecture about the new Clatuu Alpha.
CLASSYS Inc. also hosted live demonstrations which featured the face lifting and body contouring capabilities of the Ultraformer III and the body contouring of the Clatuu Alpha, which includes fat removal on the double chin.
Following the live demonstrations, the user meeting was concluded with a panel discussion between Dr. Dikky Prawiratama, Sp, KK, Dr. Felix Kusmana, Dr. Larry Wu, and Dr. Rassapoom Sumaetheiwit on CLASSYS Inc.’s expanding range of non-invasive face lifting and body contouring technologies across globally prospective markets.